Our processing and deliver capabilities are wide-reaching and we are committed to serve our Customers with integrated manufacturing solutions.
The equipment is the following:



• 7 CNC machines
• Cutting with oxygen and propane (up to 10 blowtorches).
• Cutting with plasma of high definition.
• Drilling, threaded, tapping and countersinking.
• Zinc powder marking.
• Maximum dimensions of cutting table 6,5x50m.
• Thickness 3mm / 400mm.


 2 High- Precision machines equipped with mobile heads facing each other,  automatic bolsters with capacity to process metal plates of dimensions 3,2x14m in differents shapes (cylindric, conical, curved).
 After completing the machining, a dimension control of edges and bevels is performed using laser measuring equipment. All data are recorded into a special in-house developped software.


 CNC four rollers cylinder for bending allowing us to obtain cylindrical and conical final shape,  ø min 550mm.


 Bridge cranes up to 25Tm. Capacity to move up to 35Tm.
 Transferring by means of staples, chains and electromagnet beams and suckers (special feature of moving special plates that cannot be magnetized)